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                | | English
                The Past, Now And Future Of L&K
                Standing on Taiwan Deeply covering of Chinese Mainland Whole service to Asia

                Founded in 1978, L&K Engineering Co. Ltd. started from Taiwan, grew and accompanied with the pace of Taiwan’s industrial development to adjust management concept, develop new techniques, and emerged from traditional electric/mechanical engineering field in Taiwan area. L&K Engineering (Suzhou) was set up in 2002 and then established branch companies in many cities in China one after another via advanced technology and modern management system. Now, L&K Group already becomes a multinational corporation which stems from Taiwan and extends his business coverage to Singapore, southeastern Asia and China mainland. L&K Group strives for providing service to the whole Asia and even the world.

                Wide Engineering Services Covering
                Customers including wafer, flat display panel, food/hospital, cloud server room, and energy fields

                With the progress and movement of era and extending the coverage of wafer, flat display panel, food/hospital, cloud server room, and energy engineering fields, L&K engineering already becomes an all-around supplier for engineering and environment control.

                Tireless Engineering And Technical Research
                Establishment of L&K Engineering R&D Center

                Till now, L&K engineering (Suzhou) owns 11 items of invention patents and 48 items of utility model patents based on his R&D result. For further continuing new technology development to extend customers’ benefits, a dedicated R&D center was launched in August 2017.

                The Most Sincere Service
                The correlation analysis between product defect and environment

                “An excellent and stable production environment” is the final product provided by L&K Engineering. To assist customers to enhance product yield rate via the standpoint of engineering environment control with assistance of the understanding of customer’s manufacturing process is the most sincere service provided by L&K Engineering.

                About L&K

                L&K Engineering follows “specialty, creation, leadership, waste reduction and responsibility” as the operation principle
                upholds “humanistic management and putting people first” as the development guideline


                L&K Engineering (Suzhou) Co. , Ltd. (abbreviated as LK Suzhou in later section) was co-found by Taiwan LK Engineering Co. , Ltd. and other shareholder in 2002 and changed to stock company in 2008. Starting from Suzhou as ...


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